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Owning a boat in Ireland

Owning a boat is something that many people think (and dream) about long before they actually go ahead and take the plunge. Ultimately, it is an enjoyable way to spend those long weekends, easter breaks and summer holidays exploring the length and breath of Ireland’s rivers. They are not called pleasure boats for nothing!


There are plenty of private marinas dotted around the inland waterways which allow people from all over the country to moor their boat at the location nearest to them. Most marinas will have services available such as repair facilities and lift out services (We offer mooring & services here at Silverline Cruisers !)

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Where can you go?

The River Shannon, with its span of 360 kms, offers boating enthusiasts plenty of choice from Lough Allen in the North through to Lough Derg in the south. There is also the Royal Canal, Grand Canal, Barrow and River Slaney, however permits will apply for these. Click here to see an overview map of the Irish Waterways courtesy of IWAI. Taking a boat out to sea is another alternative but of course this will depend on the seaworthiness of the vessel and equally as important, the skills of the boat’s captain, such as competency in dealing with changing winds and rough seas.


For full information on registration and permits, click here.

Learning the ropes!

Learning to operate a boat takes a little time, it is not just about going forward! Docking the boat to a marina or jetty takes expertise if it is to be done correctly. There are safety aspects which need to be taken into account especially for the ‘crew’ outside holding the ropes waiting to tie up ashore. A boat is affected by both wind and water currents and these factors can hinder manoeuvres. There are various courses that can be taken to improve your skills!

Boat maintenance & insurance

Plenty of companies nationwide carry out boat repairs, cleaning, transport etc; for further info click here. For details on boat insurance companies click here.

Recreational activities on the river

Apart from the obvious activities of fishing & swimming, the many towns and villages that dot the length of the inland waterways offer an abundance of options from horse riding, golf, walks, castles, parks (e.g. Lough Key Forest Park), arts & crafts shops, not to mention a huge variety of restaurants and pubs!

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Boat rallies

Boat rallies are organised events which take place annually, at alternative locations each year. The Lough Derg Rally commences 11th July with a Pirates and Parrots theme! The 2015 Shannon Boat Rally takes place at the end of July and has lots of fun events planned to suit all the family!

Boat sales at Silverline Cruisers

Here at Silverline Cruisers we stock a large selection of new and used boats, including Haines, Supra and Moomba. With prices ranging from under €15,000 upwards there is something for all budgets. Our used cruisers start at a 2-berth and for those sporting types we have a selection of speed boats which will ensure thrills and spills for wake-boarding enthusiasts.

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If you would like to take a sneak peak at our range of boats, visit our boat sales website here. Alternatively contact us today for further information.

Silverline boat sales…. your Shannon adventures await!

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